[FREE 3 DAY TRAINING] for Service + Ecommerce Businesses
Create Your Own Online Training/Challenge To Build Your Email List,
Increase Sales and Attract Dream Clients!
[FREE 3 DAY TRAINING] for Service + Ecommerce Businesses
Create Your Own Online Training/Challenge To Build Your Email List, Increase Sales and Attract Dream Clients!
During this 3-Day Training, You'll Discover...
The Step-by-Step BLUEPRINT to Create Your Own Online Challenge
Learn why challenges are so effective in bringing in new paying clients while also discovering the common pitfalls and mistakes most entrepreneurs make when designing their challenges (so you can avoid these costly mistakes!!).
Tools and Resources to Supercharge Your Challenge
I'm going to share the exact software tools you need to bring your challenge to life. These will make your life oh-so-easy when setting up your challenge and you'll have it up and running in record time so the new leads and sales flow in!
Design and Build Your Own Challenge in 3 Days
In just 3 days you will identify the best challenge topic to attract dream-to-work-with clients, plan an easy-to-implement challenge outline so you know exactly what you'll teach PLUS you'll learn how to market and promote your challenge in a way that's easiest for you and best for your budget.

Fast-Track Your Way to Add 100s of New Subscribers ,  5X Your Sales
and Attract Dream Clients with the Perfectly Designed 3-Day Challenge  and create your very own Profit Pillar!

" Hi Angela, I just wanted to say a big thank you. I have learned so much in such a short time frame. It's a really awesome way to form a relationship and warm up an audience. Very grateful and appreciate your expertise. Thanks so much.
Using my proven step-by-step blueprint, create your own scaleable and sustainable system that will add new email subscribers, increase your sales while attracting dream clients to your business!
Plus you'll also get access to....
  • A series of 3 snappy, action-based emails delivered fresh to your inbox every day.
  • A gorgeous printable workbook for you to write down and implement what you learn so you have your Profit Pillar challenge ready to deploy by the end of day 3.
  • A private FB community of passionate and wildly helpful entrepreneurs to cheer you on and lift you up.
Ready to go from simply dreaming about more clients and sales to actually making it all happen? For FREE?
100% FREE. Starts Monday, 16th March 2020
Heyyyy there!
I'm Angela (or Ange to you), my soon-to-be new biz BFF!

Like you, I wear many hats - mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, and of course, entrepreneur and coach.

I'm a tell-it-like-it-is business consultant whose clients love her because she lays out the roadmap to move their business forward.
I'm not kidding about the love I get.
Case in point: Doughnut bouquets, people. You can't top that.
On a serious note, I'm not one of those coaches who's never owned a business in their life and feel that they can tell you how to run yours.

I'd rather stuff my face with Nutella than feed you any lies. Soooo not doing any of that!

As owner of Finlee and Me (one of Australia's leading kids product business) and Angela Henderson Consulting, I test every.single.strategy on my own business first, including this brand new training.
Using this exact step-by-step blueprint with Finlee and Me & Angela Henderson Consulting, I've:
  • Added 1,000’s of new subscribers to my email list
  • Sold out my 1 to 1 business consulting spots
  • Signed on 25 new clients , and,
  • Most importantly, created incredible value for my community.
That's why my clients get blow-your-freakin'-mind results like THESE:
Can you see why I'm SO excited to help YOU create your own Challenge? For FREE?
100% FREE. Starts Monday, 16th March 2020
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